FEX60 Explosion-Proof Forklifts

Originally produced in 4,000 and 6,000 pound capacities, FEX60 Explosion Proof Forklifts provide reliable safety for military applications and in hazardous or potentially volatile environments. All Elwell-Parker explosion proof equipment complies with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Class I, Group D requirements for gas or vapor air mixtures.

FEX Series

UL-Certified Explosion Proof Equipment

The FEX60 is designed to deter against vapor or gas ignition from sparks, flashes, or explosions. Non-ferrous scuff rails are used at all critical impact points to safeguard against mechanical sparks, while the exterior of the truck maintains a low metal surface temperature as designated under UL Operator Code T3. All electrical parts and wiring are housed within metallic enclosures that are capable of withstanding an internal explosion.

A keyed, interlocking explosion proof battery connector makes it impossible to disengage the connector without first shutting down the electrical circuitry. This truck also accepts a UL-approved explosion proof battery.

A dependable 36-volt GE EV1 SCR control is mounted in a fully-enclosed, explosion proof compartment beside the driver's seat and away from damaging battery acid.

Each Elwell-Parker explosion proof forklift uses an aluminum oxide coating on the forks for spark resistance. Static conductive cushion tires are standard and also comply with UL labeling.

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