Our Legacy Products

Over a century of material handling excellence and innovation starts here

The complete Elwell-Parker product line of material handling equipment is more than a catalog; it represents over 120 years of innovative lifting solutions. That century of experience is inside every Elwell-Parker lift truck and is the reason why these machines are the most rugged, efficient, and longest-lasting in their class. After opening in Cleveland in 1893, Elwell-Parker helped pioneer the invention of low- and high-lift trucks as well as the electric forklift, tractors, mobile cranes, ram trucks, and die and mold handlers. Elwell-Parker later went on to build some of the first automatic guided vehicles for materials handling, and also introduced many of the safety and operating features that are now standard in today's lift trucks.

Learn more about each class of Elwell-Parker products:

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Elwell-Parker Powers Heavy Industry

Elwell-Parker's longest-standing customers include businesses in the primary metals industry as well as heavy industrial manufacturers. Our lines of low-lift platform trucks began with the first powered material handling vehicles and have been serving manufacturers since the First World War. Similarly, our coil handling trucks have proven indispensable to the steel industry since before World War II. These platform trucks and forklift/ram truck hybrids move skids of ingots, coils, metal sheets, and raw materials faster and more safely than cranes and other methods.

Serving the Automotive Industry since Its Beginning

Further down the supply chain, our die handling trucks have been helping to drive the automotive industry since the days when we helped create it in Cleveland and Detroit. In fact, Elwell-Parker die handlers are still in operation, playing an important role in the resurgence of American car manufacturing. Our die handling trucks feature special push/pull mechanisms and hydraulic bollards to quickly load, install, and transport stamping dies and injection molds between storage areas and presses, often requiring only a single operator.

Electric Forklifts: Our Signature Products

Elwell-Parker is forklifts. We helped invent them and we have been building and improving upon electric forklifts for over a century. We even introduced the pallet in 1930, and in the 100 years since the first Elwell-Parker forklifts rolled out of our original facility in Cleveland, they've been used by forge shops, foundries, and even other heavy equipment manufacturers. These trucks excel at general and specialized material handling in environments and duty cycles where other trucks lack the strength and durability to thrive. Designed for continuous rigorous operation, Elwell-Parker forklifts include broad ranges of rider and walkie lift trucks that are suitable for both the mill and the warehouse.

Automatic Guided Vehicles: Guiding the Future

Elwell-Parker was one of the first to add automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) to its product lines, years before other manufacturers, as a natural extension of its high capacity industrial trucks. These vehicles, many of which are still in use after decades of service, have helped pave the way for the advances being seen in materials handling today. Using sophisticated simulation and logic software, Elwell-Parker AGVs are responsible for saving untold millions of man-hours (and dollars) through exponential increases in safety and efficiency -- as high as 28,000% in some applications.

Proven Engineering Since 1893

Elwell-Parker's reputation is built on the fact that our products have been working dependably in production environments for 40 years and longer after having been placed into service. To source parts, get more information about an Elwell-Parker vehicle, or to find out how you can own one, please call us at 1-800-272-9953.