E12 and E17 Die Handler Trucks

Now considered primarily historic, Elwell-Parker E12 and E17 die handler trucks were classics that served a generation.

E17 Die Handler

Important Pieces of History

The E12 model was an all-wheel steer truck with a tandem trail axle to distribute weight over more area than comparable "fifth wheel" trucks. This design was intended for side-loading operations and, like later models, included remote controls for lifting and loading on either side of the truck. Individually controlled hydraulic winches were also available on these models.

The E17 model, meanwhile, was a "fifth wheel"-type vehicle. Unlike later models, the truck's power supply was located between the operator and the load. Although Elwell-Parker would eventually alter this design, the position of the control compartment allowed for an even shorter turning radius than the later E20 version.

The trucks in the E12 and E17 Series were highly advanced for their time and served as inspirations for future iterations of die trucks that continue to influence modern die changing processes.

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