E20 and E21 Die Handler Trucks


The need to balance maneuverability and power is what inspired the design of the E20 and E21 Series of die handler trucks, the direct predecessors of the E30 and E31 lines. Although not as small as their descendents, these trucks introduced many of the most popular features that would characterize later Elwell-Parker die handling equipment, such as a rear battery or generator located behind the operator and multiple control stations located on the sides of the vehicle.

A Revolution in Maneuverability

The E21, like its E31 counterpart, featured a split battery compartment for ease of operation in highly congested areas. By placing the control center between the two batteries, the operator was able to maintain unobstructed vision from a position directly behind the uprights.

The addition of hydraulic bollards, meanwhile, also allowed for precise and gentle adjustments to the die. The absence of solenoids eliminated impact damage while greatly improving accurate positioning of the die inside the mold. This was assisted by hinged and telescoping extension arms on the bollards that permitted positioning of the die well beyond the end of the truck's platform.

A Tradition of Excellence

Additional features such as power steering and braking, optional remote controls, and optional diesel generator configurations made the trucks of the E20 and E21 Series the most versatile of their era -- setting the standard that new die handlers continue to follow to this day.

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