Elwell-Parker Platform Trucks


With over a century of experience, Elwell-Parker has literally been building platform trucks longer than anyone. Starting with the first electric powered material handling vehicle, Elwell-Parker platform trucks have been playing a critical role in inter-facility logistics since 1906.

From rail stations and ports to steel and aluminum mills, where they are still frequently used today, Elwell-Parker heavy duty platform trucks are designed to efficiently manage large, awkward, or otherwise hard-to-handle "problem" loads. They offer more flexibility and economy than railcar or crane systems and are more effective in certain situations than forklifts with similar capacities.

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Popular Elwell-Parker platform truck lines include:

The Most Customized Vehicles in Modern Industry

The platform lift truck, perhaps more than any other Elwell-Parker product, has always been engineered on a case-by-case basis for the customer. In each instance, the truck is built to fit its intended application, which accounts for the wide range of capacities -- 4,000 to 125,000 pounds and up -- in both high- and low-lift styles of truck.

It is this specialization that has made these trucks particularly popular among heavy manufacturers, where the load can present a safety or quality challenge. Fragile items like large sheets of plate glass or more dangerous materials like ladles of molten metal can be safely lifted and moved because the truck is designed for that specific burden.

Designed on a Task By Task Basis

Specialization is also the reason that Elwell-Parker platform trucks have evolved into some of the most efficient freely moving equipment ever developed for interplant haulage. In fact, these trucks are so in tune with their respective functions that many have remained in service for decades and continue to be used on daily shifts in grueling environments.

While in many ways each vehicle is unique, the method behind their modular design is typical of Elwell-Parker's style of engineering. Much like the E30 and E31 Series of die handling trucks, every platform truck in the Elwell-Parker L Series shares a common suite of options such as discretionary positioning of the operator compartment.

Reliability Is the Only Standard Feature

Historically, whenever customers purchased new platform trucks from Elwell-Parker, they would be asked to specify a maximum lifting capacity and would then choose from six or so basic templates. These base models covered critical features such as the position and layout of the control station, which was available with sit-down, stand-up, or even rotating configurations.

After selecting the overall design, customers were then allowed to drill down into individual components such as steering systems and trail axles. Elwell-Parker's sales and engineering teams would act as consultants throughout the process until settling on a final blueprint that would result in the shortest possible work cycles with minimal (if any) changes to the customer's existing plant layout or operation.

We Make Your Platform Truck Better Than New

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