E30 and E31 Die Handler Trucks


The legendary Elwell-Parker E30 and E31 die trucks are known as the most innovative vehicles of their type and are exceptionally compact and extremely maneuverable. An elevated centralized control center located on the cowl of the truck increases visibility and ensures reduced damage to both the vehicle and the load.

Designed for Increased Productivity

The controls are designed to encourage seamless sequential movement, which safely increases the speed of any die changing process while providing an added ergonomic benefit. The trucks are also designed to limit the number of times an operator has to exit and enter the vehicle to adjust chains or change the position of the die. Depending on the model and the application, a team as small as one person can efficiently change a die using these vehicles.

Compact Electric Die Trucks with Unmatched Power

In terms of strength, Elwell-Parker die changers transport almost any size load, from trucks with a 15,000 pound capacity to heavy-duty versions with a 200,000 pound capacity. To produce this power, the E30 and E31 models typically featured 36-, 48-, or 72-volt electric motors. While some diesel and LPG options are available, the most distinguishing characteristic of these trucks is the unique position of the batteries in the popular electric versions.

Revolutionary Forward-Thinking Design

Both the E30 and E31 lines are designed as stand-up die trucks with a control compartment that keeps the operator in constant close visual contact with the load. In the E30 model, the batteries are located behind the driver, who can quickly board or exit the truck on the right or left side. Platform controls are also installed on either side of the truck, which allow an operator to easily load or unload dies without needing to be in the main control compartment.

Shorter than its E30 cousin, the E31 model splits the batteries, which are located on the right and left sides of the truck with the operator compartment located in the middle -- the driver enters and exits the truck from the rear. This configuration allows for a much reduced vehicle length and much tighter turning radius, making it ideal for use in confined spaces.

Semi-Automatic Capabilities and Retractable Attachments

In addition to maneuverability, these die changer models also aid in precise positioning of stamping dies through an individually controlled retractable long-arm attachment. This unique design allows the operator to engage the die and slide it on or off the truck's platform in one fluid movement -- the driver can remove or install a die without needing to leave the vehicle.

Low Maintenance, Superior Dependability

E30 and E31 models use a load-sensing system that efficiently disperses oil to reduce excess heat and energy loss. This advanced process greatly increases the life of the battery while reducing maintenance and downtime. The E30 and E31's motor is also designed to maintain peak performance even during heavy use, which means longer duty cycles without added wear on the machine. Other features like regenerative braking, power steering, and fully-customizable end and side-loading mechanisms have long given the E30 and E31 models a leading edge in the die handling equipment market.

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