Elwell-Parker Electric Forklifts

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Elwell-Parker knows a thing or two about electric forklifts. After all, this is the company that helped invent them! Elwell-Parker built the first electric truck in 1906 and one of the first electric lift trucks in 1914. Elwell-Parker also helped develop the very first pallets for forklifts a few decades later. From the very dawn of modern materials handling through the 20th century and beyond, Elwell-Parker spent over 100 years perfecting the electric forklift and introducing many of the safety and productivity features now regarded as the industry standard.

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Popular lines of Elwell-Parker electric forklifts include:

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The Past, Present, and Future of Material Handling

Elwell-Parker electric lift trucks were among the first pieces of material handling equipment to see action overseas in World War I; they were put to use again in the U.S. and abroad during World War II. Throughout the next half-century, Elwell-Parker helped shaped a generation of manufacturers by working directly with plant and facility managers to custom design electric forklifts for specific applications. The efforts of those designers led to some of the most forward-thinking engineering the industry has ever seen.

Setting the Standard before There Was One

Elwell-Parker electric forklifts also have a long history of pollution-free operation and were meeting emissions standards decades before controls were mandatory or fashionable. And, thanks to their superior dependability, Elwell-Parker forklifts are among the longest lasting pieces of equipment in the field.

Lines of Forklifts for Any Industry and Any Need

Th bestselling ESE Series, represented some of the most innovative, intuitive-to-use, and reliable mid-capacity electric lift trucks ever produced. Other lines that could be reconfigured on-the-fly to adapt to a variety of tasks. Specialized lines, like the FEX60 explosion-proof forklift, showcase Elwell-Parker's mastery of using engineering to develop application-specific solutions. Over a century of knowledge and understanding is built into every Elwell-Parker electric forklift.