ESE Electric Forklifts

The arrival of the Elwell-Parker ESE Series of electric forklifts marked an important milestone in the company's century-old legacy of pioneering the field of materials handling. Following its tradition of surveying customers before developing a new product line, Elwell-Parker used decades of industry feedback and research as direct inspiration for many of the truck's most advanced features.

Built for the Most Demanding Applications

Each model in the ESE Series is designed to be an agile, small electric forklift built to withstand daily duty in the toughest environments with no decline in performance. And true to Elwell-Parker's reputation for reliability, ESE forklifts remain among the longest serving units in the field. They have outlasted and continue to outperform entire generations of vehicles from other manufacturers.

The Leading Mid-Capacity Forklift

The ESE Series excels in a wide number of applications and is intended to be the consummate all-around electric forklift. The series includes four primary models with capacities ranging from 15,000 to 45,000 pounds. All models are designed with a 24-inch or 30-inch load center and are constructed to balance strength and power with size and maneuverability. The drive assembly of these editions use a 72-volt series wound motor coupled to the drive axle. The drive motor uses Class-H insulation to withstand high operating temperatures.

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Future-Proof Innovations

Elwell-Parker has always built vehicles with the future in mind, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the ESE Series. Anticipating many up-and-coming developments in safety and emissions regulations, Elwell-Parker designed the ESE Series to meet or exceed industry and government standards for decades to come. From quiet, pollution-free operation to superior stability and control, ESE forklifts are the ultimate truck for modern industry.

The ESE Series also saw the introduction of a planetary drive axle that was the first ever of its kind to work within the 15,000 to 22,000 pound capacity range -- just one of the many innovations built into these trucks.

The Standard of Ergonomics

The ESE Series is a perfect demonstration of Elwell-Parker's mastery of ergonomics. Through common sense engineering gleaned from over a century of manufacturing experience, ESE forklifts are among the easiest to operate over long shifts for demanding jobs. Features include an adjustable steering column, always-visible indicator displays, a dash-mounted parking brake, adjustable seating, soft-touch control levers within easy reach, and simplified vehicle entry. Even the truck's utility bin is carefully designed to ensure efficient, fluid movement and ease-of-use.

Visibility Combined with Maneuverability

With great maneuverability comes a need for great visibility, which is why in the ESE Series the two have been engineered together. ESE trucks are smaller than comparable models and operate efficiently in a variety of close quarter situations such as at-capacity warehouses, assembly lines, and even inside railcars.

This degree of maneuverability is made possible through an incredibly tight turning radius. The steering wheel requires only 2 3/4 turns lock to lock, while automotive-style power steering keeps control precise and reduces fatigue. To make the most of this maneuverability and to enhance both operator and load safety, the ESE Series uses a wide-open mast as standard. A recessed battery compartment, meanwhile, keeps all of the truck's counterweight below the operator's field of view. These two traits make the ESE Series one of the fastest and safest trucks to operate in any area.

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The Industry's Most Extensive Suite of Features

Transistor controls, hydraulic load sensing systems, responsive braking, heavy duty drive motors, and many additional features were specifically designed to give the ESE Series an unbeatable edge in performance and reliability. Whether it's reduced battery usage and wear or increased visibility and accessibility, these trucks literally do more with less. Optional styles, attachments, and modifications are also available to fit specific applications.

Reliable Equipment That Is Easy to Maintain

All equipment needs periodic maintenance to achieve optimum performance, but that's never an excuse for excess downtime. Elwell-Parker keeps maintenance simple and intuitive with easy-access service points and an easy-lift hood supported by an air spring. Once opened, interior systems such as the transistor control panel, drive motor, and hydraulic pump are within immediate reach for maintenance.

The battery compartment, meanwhile, features polyurethane slides and roller options that allow for smooth, fast changes. And if a part is worn or needs replaced, most parts have been standardized across product lines.

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