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R14 Coil Handling Trucks

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The all-electric R14 Coil Truck is a titan in the field of coil handling equipment, a feat it achieves by being 20% narrower and 15% shorter than comparable ICE units. The smaller size combines with four-wheel traction to handle full-capacity loads with a 25% tighter turning radius than internal combustion engine (ICE) units of equivalent capacities. Tighter turns means coils can be stored much closer together for maximum density while narrow aisles don't inhibit seamless flow and function.

EP r14 coil handling trucks 01

A Wide Range of Capacities in Multiple Configurations

Long praised for their flexibility, R14 Coil Trucks have been produced in a wide range of capacities from 20,000 to 100,000 pounds and are designed in two configurations: A solid-ram fork for transporting one coil at a time, or a split-ram for carrying multiple coils. The split-ram design can also handle skids or pallet loads, much like a traditional forklift.


Industry-Defining Dependability

Our electric trucks have fewer moving parts than ICE models, so they last longer. Also, all trucks in the Elwell-Parker R14 Series are built from only the most durable components, further accounting for their long lifespan. A mill-duty chassis, constructed of thick electrically-welded steel plates, protects all vital components, while easy-access service panels simplify maintenance and maximize uptime.

EP r14 coil handling trucks 03

Built for Ease of Precision, Ergonomics, and Safety

The R14 Series is engineered to be one of the most user-friendly vehicles in its class with fundamental design features that increase operator comfort and performance when dealing with large loads. Defined by SCR controls and two Class-H insulated motors, the R14 Series has always enjoyed smooth acceleration, precise inching, and efficient power conservation.

Safety is also standard with elevated controls, wide-stance uprights, tiller steering and powered handling, and a variety of operating features and redundant systems that protect both the driver and the load.

To speak to a specialist about these or any other Elwell-Parker models, contact us online or call us at 1-800-272-9953.

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*Downloadable documents and literature may contain contact or product information that is no longer current. Specifications and other details are subject to change without notice. Not all vehicles shown may be available. For additional information, please contact an Elwell-Parker representative at 1-800-272-9953.