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Elwell - Parker
Elwell - Parker

Welcome to Elwell-Parker

Learn More About Elwell-Parker Products - Part of the H&K Equipment Family

For over a century, Elwell-Parker dominated the electric truck industry with superior lines of lift trucks, die handlers, coil handlers, and specialized vehicles for custom applications. It introduced many of the safety and operating features that are now standard in material handling equipment.

The original Elwell-Parker facility in Cleveland, Ohio was closed in 2000, but the legacy of the company lives on as a subsidiary of H&K Equipment of Pittsburgh. As an authorized Elwell-Parker dealer for nearly four decades, H&K Equipment is proud to be the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for all Elwell-Parker products.

Today, 120 years after it was first incorporated, Elwell-Parker continues to "set the standard in heavy material handling."

For more information about Elwell-Parker vehicles, or for service and parts, please call 1-800-272-9953 to contact one of our representatives.